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  • Recreational Sidemount

Recreational Sidemount

The SSI Recreational Sidemount diving course is a great introductory course in to learning more about extended range diving. Sidemount diving means that you will have two tanks on either side instead of having just one tank on your back. This technique comes from the technical cave and wreck diving world, but has been gaining popularity with recreational divers. In this course you will learn how to effortlessly find better balance with new gear, and why it makes sense to have redundancy with doubled air delivery systems. You must be 18 years old or older and possess a minimum certification of Open Water Diver with 24 logged dives. The recreational sidemount specialty requires one pool dive and three open water dives. 

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In this sidemount diving course, you’ll learn all you need to go single or two-cylinder recreational sidemount diving up to a maximum depth of 30 meters or to your certification depth, whichever is deeper. Sidemount diving is already common practice for wreck, mine, and cave divers, but now the benefits are being discovered by more recreational divers. With no heavy tank on your back, you’ll be more comfortable in the water and find your streamlining and trim improve effortlessly. By using less energy you may reduce your gas consumption so you can make the most of your dive time. With better buoyancy control, easier access to your valves and more redundancy as well, sidemount diving offers safety and peace of mind. This is the best sidemount diving course to discover and enjoy the enticing advantages of this dive style. You learn all the skills and knowledge you need to safely and comfortably dive with a single or two-cylinder sidemount equipment configuration.

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