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Scuba Equipment Rentals & Air Fills

Scuba Venture rents scuba equipment and snorkeling packages for both local diving and diving vacations. We will create a rental package designed to fit your specific needs.

Scuba Tank Air Fills

We also fill paintball tanks


ScubaVenture Air Fill Station

Standard Air Fill

  • 80 cu ft air fill: $8.00
  • 100 cu ft air fill: $8.00
  • 120 cu ft air fill: $8.00

Nitrox Fill

  • 80 cu ft Nitrox: $14.00
  • 100 cu ft & up Nitrox: $16.00
  • Custom blends: $20.00

Pony Bottle Fill

All sizes pony: $8.00

Argon Fill

6-13 cu ft: $9.00

Oxygen Fill (up to 2250psi)

  • Pony bottle: $15.00
  • 80 cu ft tank: $25.00

Paintball Tank Fill

Paintball fill: $6.00


  • Discount air fill cards are available. Please contact us for more information.
  • Scuba Venture does not store your tanks after air fills. You must take your tanks with you after they have been filled.
  • For Nitrox, oxygen, or argon fills you must present a valid certification card.

Basic scuba rental package

$100.00 per weekend for O/W students, all others priced per item per day.

  • Wetsuit (7mm 2-piece)
  • BCD (Buoyancy Compensator)
  • Regulator set with octopus
  • Console (computer or depth gauge, pressure gauge, and compass)
  • Tank, Hood, Gloves, Weight Belt with weights

Weekly BCD and Regulator Travel Package

$90.00 per week

  • Buoyancy compensator (BCD)
  • Regulator, safe second, gauge with compass

Scuba Tanks

80 cu ft tank with air: $16.00
120 cu ft tank with air: $20.00
120 cu ft tank with Nitrox: $20.00

We also rent

  • Regulator, safe second, gauge with compass $16 per day, with computer $25 per day
  • BCD (buoyancy compensator) $18 per day
  • Wetsuit $16 per day (7mm 2-piece, or 1 piece)
  • Gloves $6 per day
  • Hood $6 per day
  • Weights & weight belt $10 per day
  • Drysuits $75 per day, $125 per weekend
  • Digital camera package $30 per day
  • Pony bottle with bands $15 per day
  • Pony regulator $15 per day
  • Lift bags $10 per day
  • Dive Flag & Float $10 per day

Rental Policy

Rentals must be picked up the day before the rental period and returned by the day after the rental period. It is not necessary to refill your rental scuba tanks before you return them to us.

We require a credit card deposit on all rental packages. You are responsible for any damage to the rental equipment beyond normal wear and tear, and for any rental equipment that is lost or stolen.