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  • Divemaster



Requirements for participants
• Minimum age: 18 years
• At least 60 logged open water dives with a dive time of at least 40 hours.

Must have at least the following SSI certification (s) (no equivalences allowed):
• Science Of Diving ($260 if you do not already have it), if you do the program is FREE

Have the following SSI certification and are in active status (no equivalence certification allowed):
• Professional Dive Guide

Permissions in the active state
In addition to the duties of a professional dive guide in active status, the divemaster in active status may:
• Act as a certified assistant in all SSI recreational diving programs.
• Assist in training dives in open water by not having more than two (2) students at a time
accompanied on underwater excursions.
• To qualify as a Training Specialist for the SSI Ecology Specialty Programs.
• Participate in the SSI Instructor Training Course

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

The SSI Divemaster Level recognizes candidates who have the knowledge and training to perform the duties of a
certified assistant to meet. The duties involve helping SSI instructors carry out entry-level and
Assisting continuing education courses.

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