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Dive Guide

Dive Guide
Requirements for participants
• Minimum age 15 years (must be at least 18 years old to be in active status as a Professional Dive Guide
to be able to work).
• Have logged at least 40 open water dives with at least 25 hours of diving time.

Has the following SSI certification, or an equivalent certification from one recognized by SSI
Diving training organization:
• Diver Stress & Rescue

Has the following SSI certifications, equivalent certification from a recognized association, or can do the
Proof of at least 5 experience dives in the following categories:
• Deep diving
• Navigation
• Night & Limited Visibility
to master corresponding specialties.

• Recommended course duration to graduation: 35-45.
• The number of lessons and lessons per day are determined by the instructor, based on the
Skills and needs of the candidates as well as the local environmental conditions are determined.

Requirements for passing
• Have logged at least 50 open water dives with at least 32 hours of diving time.
• All requirements met and all assessments passed as in the instructor manual for the corresponding
Program described.
• Pass the aquatic fitness assessment as described in the SSI Training Standards.
• Passing the program-specific final test with at least 90%.

Permissions in the active state
Dive guides are allowed to accompany certified divers on recreational dives.

Professional dive guides in active status may also:
• Train, monitor and certify the SSI Snorkeling Program.
• Qualify for the SSI Divemaster Level by successfully completing the Science of Diving Specialty program

Dive guides are not allowed to:
• Conduct, teach or assist SSI training programs for non-certified divers.

Starting from

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(includes on-line and Fees)

Prerequisite: SSI Stress and Rescue or equivalent
Please contact us for details on this course.


Dive Control Specialist is SSI’s initial dive leadership level and is considered by many as the “fun” leadership rating. That’s because you can do more than any other entry-level dive leader. You can do more because you receive both dive master and assistant instructor training.


You study advanced physics, physiology and decompression theory, and you improve your diving techniques, practice advanced rescue techniques, and learn the basics of teaching scuba. Plus, there’s a high demand for SSI Dive Control Specialists at dive centers around the world.

As a Dive Control Specialist you can:

– Work on dive boats, resorts and retail stores
– Lead diving trips, tours, and vacations (with other certified divers)
– Assist SSI Instructors with pool training and open water training dives

You can teach:

– Skills in the pool (under the direct supervision of an SSI Instructor)
– The SSI Scuba Skills Update program
– The SSI Snorkeling program
– Selected SSI specialty courses
– First Aid and CPR programs
– Scuba Rangers (after completing the Scuba Rangers Instructor training)

The prerequisites for the course are:

– 18 years of age
– 60 logged dives,
– You must own your own SCUBA equipment
– You must hold certifications in Advanced Open Water, First Aid, and Stress and Rescue
– Have a current medical exam
– Demonstrate diving experience in night, navigation, deep, and search and recovery diving.

Sign up today for our next Dive Control Specialist course and begin your adventure into the realm of dive leadership.

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