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  • OCEAN DIVE - GREAT ISAAC - OCT. 19, 2024


The Great Isaac was a large ocean-going tug that sank due to a collision in 1947. The Great Isaac sits in 90 feet of water and is intact lying on it’s port (left) side. The Great Isaac was a part of the Normandy beach invasion and the captain at the time recieved a bronze start for memeritious duty under fire. It’s sunk about half way into the sandy bottom and it’s rapidly deteriorating. Artifacts are still abundant, since half the wreck is buried and washing out with more access areas. Everywhere there are lobster and fish. Mussels can be scraped from the upper parts of the wreck and are, therefore, cleaner with less sand in them. The Great Isaac now has many entrances into her inner compartments for divers with experience and training in wreck penetrations. Great for Lobster and artifacts.

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