We’re happy to hear you’re interested in becoming one of the thousands of people who learn to scuba dive each year.

  • Two scuba divers
  • School of Fish
  • A Turtle

Three steps to certification

  • Online or classroom training
  • Pool Training Sessions
  • Open Water Training Dives

What’s Required

  • Proper Knowledge
  • Proper Skills
  • Proper Equipment

How much does it cost?

Open Water certification course
$260.00 – up to 3 classroom sessions, up to three double pool training sessions, and two days of open water training dives. Includes digital training materials, dive tables, and a student registration folder. You can choose to complete the classroom portion of your training online in the convenience of your home.

Mask, Fins, and Snorkel—Click here for our snorkeling packages
Packages start at $215.00
– 10% discounted price for ScubaVenture students. Snorkeling equipment is also available as individual items. If you own your own snorkeling package we recommend you bring it to our dive center so we can make sure it will be suitable.

Scuba equipment rental package for open water training dives
– Discounted price for ScubaVenture open water students. You may use your own scuba equipment, providing you bring it to our dive center so we can make sure it will be suitable.

Scuba park entrance fees for open water training dives
Depending on whether you choose to complete your open water training dives at a local scuba diving  park or on a diving vacation, there are either park entrance fees or the cost of your diving vacation.

Both private and semi-private scuba courses, and financing on both training courses and scuba equipment are available.

Where can I go diving?

There are many scuba diving locations for you to choose from. You can dive the Caribbean or go on a diving vacation to a far off land. You can take a dive boat trip off of the Atlantic coast and dive shipwrecks, spearfish, or catch lobster. And you can dive locally at lakes that are set up specifically for scuba divers- think of them as scuba diver amusement parks.

Diving Vacations

Scuba Venture offers a number of scuba diving vacations and dive trips.  You travel with a certified Divemaster or Instructor who is knowledgeable about your destination, and will help you have a enjoyable experience.

Common scuba diving questions

Scuba Venture offers the above answers to some of questions as a way to help you better enjoy the sports of snorkeling and scuba diving. Before you go snorkeling or scuba diving, we always recommend you consult with a qualified physician regarding any of the above information, and any specific health concerns or conditions that you or your family may have.

How do I get started?

Call us at 610-678-2688, toll free at 877-685-0944, email us. or visit our Reading Pa. Dive Center.

At ScubaVenture you can tour our dive center and classrooms, check out our top quality scuba diving equipment, and learn about our training courses and exciting diving vacations. Or just call us and we’ll answer any question you may have.

Mark Stitzer