Saturday Ocean Dive

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New Jersey Ocean Dive

We will be diving on the in-shore wreck of the Delaware on June 16. Shawn Kane will be leading the trip.  The depth of the wreck is 80 ft. This will be a great dive for new and experienced divers.  Artifacts, fish life, photo opportunities, and lobster. This will be a great dive for first timers due to the depth and being inshore.  Don’t forget that you can do up to three dives this day and lunch is included all for $100. Sign up now….we only have a few spaces left!

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The Delaware was a 250′ long Clyde Line steamer. She was built in 1880, by Birely, Hill & Streaker, in Philadelphia and displaced 1,646 gross tons.

On July 9, 1898, the Delaware, was steaming five miles offshore. At 10 PM, the captain received a report of a fire in her hold. The crew tried to contain the blaze, but it was soon out of control. Captain Ingram gave the order to abandon ship. His crew of 38 and all 35 passengers calmly boarded lifeboats. Captain Ingram was the last to leave the sinking ship.  Aside from a few burns, there were no serious injuries.

Today, the wreck sits in 70 feet of water. Her broken down charred remains hold many interesting artifacts. The Delaware is rumored to have been carrying $250,000 in gold boullion. To date no gold has been found but divers can always find a few indian head pennies and artifacts ranging from china and silverware to bottles and brass fittings. One of the most interesting artifacts retrieved is a tomb stone that Captain George Hoffman found on the wreck.  The head stone which was egraved ‘Captain John Smith’ was part of the Delaware’s cargo being transported to Florida. The Bell was recovered in 2010.

Hope you can join us!