Cooper River Dive Trip

Hobby License Application

In order to attend the Cooper River Dive Trip you must apply for and receive a South Carolina Hobby Diver License. Above you will find four printable PDF documents. Print out, “Hobby Application”, and “Hobby License”, then fill in the appropriate information and sign each document.

Mail the two application forms along with payment for the $10 application fee to:

Hobby Diver License
SCIAA UW Arch. Div. Office
P.O. Box 12448
Charlestown, SC 29422

If you had a Hobby Divers License in the past you may call 843-762-6105 for a license renewal form. Important: The application process can take two weeks or more, so send your two application forms in early.

About the Cooper River:
The Cooper River in South Carolina offers divers the unique experience of searching the bottom of the river for giant megalodon fossilized shark teeth, whale fossils, mastodon fossils and many other fossils. There is also a great opportunity here for the treasure hunters searching for Indian artifacts, Colonial artifacts, antique bottles, Revolutionary and Civil War relics. Many of the fossils have been documented to be millions of years old.

The Cooper River is close to many attractions including The Mepkin Abbey, Cypress Gardens, South Carolina Aquarium, and historic Charleston, SC. The wildlife is great for the photographer enthusiast, and bird watchers.