Curacao Day 4 & 5

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Our WiFi was down, so we had to put two days into one post.  Yesterday we went to Mushroom Forest to dive.  This is a great dive spot with loads of corals, some shaped like giant mushrooms.  Lots of little critters were found living under these coral formations.  A few eagle rays passed through.  The reefs do have a lot of lionfish living on them. The corals were in great shape.  Star, brain and pillar corals were very  healthy.  There were large schools of creole wrasse, bogas, and brown & blue chromis. Two great dives yesterday.  Today we went to Snake Bay and Blue Bay Gardens.  Jacks chased the little schooling fish. Morays were swimming around  looking for food.  Big Scorpionfish and stonefish were found as well as peacock flounders.  I have been to Curacao several times before, but don’t remember the reef being so healthy.  Tonight the group went out to Perla del Mar Restaurant, down in town, near the old fort. After dinner the leftovers were given to the local moray eels that come  up to the waters edge  below your table.  There were 30+ eels at any giving time.  A great experience for all!