Cooper River Dive Trip

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The Cooper River, SC dive trip offers divers the unique experience of searching the bottom of the river for giant megalodon fossilized shark teeth, whale fossils, mastodon fossils and many other fossils.  There is also a great opportunity here for the treasure hunters searching for Indian and Colonial artifacts, antique bottles, Revolutionary & Civil War relics.

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The excitement you feel finding your first teeth in rubble patches is beyond belief.  We have found spear and arrow points, civil war relics, whale bones and all kinds of teeth from prehistoric turtles and alligators to Giant Sloths and mastodons.  One of the divers found a jawbone from a dire wolf complete with teeth. I brought back a complete dolphin tooth, meg. teeth and loads of other items.  No one will come back empty handed….guaranteed! We will teach you everything you will need to know, to be successful in the Cooper River. Only two spaces left!