Cayman Brac Day 5


Another great day of diving today.  Traveled to Little Cayman to dive “Bloody Bay Wall”.  It is a very healthy reef with beautiful corals and sponges teeming with schooling fish.  We saw sharks, squids, turtles, rays, and big schools of fish.  The weather was cooperative today with a high of 89 degrees.  Water temps were 84 to 86 degrees.  The “End of Island” dive was the afternoon dive where there was a gigantic pillar coral.  Our last two dives are Friday so you will get one more report.  If you ever get to Cayman Brac ask for Paul, Beccy, and Helen to guide you on your dives.  They have been great as well as the entire Reef Divers Staff.  This Dive Resort is top notch.  It is fun to be pampered.  They offer valet dive service on the boat which is sit down and let them bring the tank to you, take it off of you and get your next tank ready.

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